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In the old days, businesses only considered physical assets and equipment to be valuable assets. However, that’s not the case anymore – in today’s world, businesses consider digital assets more valuable than physical assets. They are more concerned about their assets like photos, PDF files, and other business documents saved in digital formats on-site or somewhere safe overseas.


One of the reasons for doing so is that many businesses around the world have fallen prey to hackers and other malicious elements on the internet. These guys are trained and skilled individuals who can steal your customer information, important documents, and other data that is available online.


For businesses or startups who seek the security of their business assets, we have formulated certain information security recommendations. One of the solutions to secure your sensitive business assets is to outsource security solutions or do it onsite by hiring an information security expert. Even you can learn a thing or two about securing your assets and online accounts on the internet.


To have a buffer-free and reliable internet service, you can use RCN Internet service. RCN’s high-speed internet gets to the best speeds at the best rates. Let’s have a look at a few ways to secure your digital assets:


Use Multi-Factor Authentication System

This is a protective measure like this requires a user to provide more than just one proof of identity to the system before accessing it. For instance, when you are logging in to get access to a certain file on a virtual or physical system, the system might ask you to provide a password. Two-factor authentication requires users to provide the password and a code that is sent on their registered email or SMS.


In many cases, users might you may have to provide a password and a code before being granted access. Using the password and code to log in to the system or the file can help you get access using multiple keys or passwords. Authorized users are provided access to the system or device and double-check the authenticity of their identity.


The motive of doing all this is to make it harder for cybercriminals and other malicious elements to gain access to your system and accounts.


Use an Efficient Backup System for Your Data

Having a backup system means that you should have a system that can help you systematically store your assets. Using such a system will help you recover your files and other important documents in case there is a disaster or a cyber attack. Your backup system is going to bring back all the files and valuable data in case the original files are lost.


Therefore, you must schedule a backup before an incident occurs. One of the things about creating a backup system is that they cost much and are easy to implement.


Secure Service Networks and Storage Devices

The devices you have and your service networks work together to make sure that you have access to your digital assets and files secured in a remote location. If anyone gets access to your networks or your storage devices, can access the data you have stored.


To make sure that your assets stay protected, you should keep the devices that have your critical data correctly secured using passwords and physical locks. The same can apply to network services through which any malicious element can get access to them.


One of the ways to keep such elements away from your networks and physical storage devices is to keep your operating systems and security software updated. You can get these updates installed automatically as well. Outdated operating systems pose a threat and leave your information more vulnerable.


Use and Setup a Firewall

A firewall works more like an actual wall of fire between users and your data. It adds an extra layer of security to your network that makes it more secure. This can be hardware or software that creates a barrier between your computer and the internet. You can also think about a firewall as a gatekeeper that is responsible to keep a check on all kinds of data and information that comes in and goes out of your system. To get the most benefits from your firewall, you must patch it regularly.


Use Complex Passphrases

You can secure your accounts using passwords but using passphrases can become more effective, especially if you want to use them for business purposes. You can think of passphrases as a phrase or a combination of a few words. They can be easily understood by a human user but cannot be decoded using a machine. Creating passphrases requires you to have at least 14 to 15 long characters. They should include numbers, capital letters, special characters, and unreadable words.


An ideal situation is when these words are unique and not relatable. Make them appear more complex and harder to decode for anyone who is attempting to sneak in your digital assets.


Use Encryption to Secure Your Important Assets

Using encryption to protect your data involves a solid process that can convert your assets into secret code. This makes your data useless and in some cases inaccessible to external agents. The code itself is unbreakable. You can encrypt your assets before you send them online.


When you use encryption for your data, it reduces the probability of losing data or getting it tampered with or destroyed. You can encrypt data or any other digital asset using a VPN on a public network.


Educate and Empower Your Employee

One of the biggest sources of any type of breach could be your employees. Make sure that you educate and keep your employees updated with the latest threats that they can face online. Educate and invest to empower them to avoid any kind of mishandling of business information within and beyond the workplace setting.


It will be an ideal situation if you educate them about the right location of their devices, how to log entrance and exit of data facilities, and other aspects of IT security. Moving further, you should also educate them on how to use public Wi-Fi and the different access levels, etc.


People who are no longer part of your organization should not be allowed to use company portals and access digital assets.



In the end, one can say that leveraging different practices and tools to protect your IT security can be very critical. To get this done, you are required to be more diligent and careful as this can be a matter of your reputation and the security of your customers who have faith in your organization.


A breach in your company’s database can mean a lot of loss and damage to your tangible and intangible assets.

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