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A Gorbel Crane

If you analyze the term “Gorbel Crane” carefully, you will automatically understand that they are simply jib cranes manufactured by the Gorbel company headquartered in America. So when you hear the term next time, you have to automatically understand that a Gorbel crane is a jib crane in all its essentiality. It is one of the leading and trusted names for manufacturing crane Technology products.

 What Is A Jib Crane?

Gorbel Crane or a jib crane is a type of lifting device suitable for overhead locations to do repeated and unique lifting jobs in small areas where it may not be possible to send a person to do or use any other type of crane. If you want maximum production out of your jib crane, you can easily pair it with overhead bridge cranes that will give you maximum production and increase your return on investment.

Jib Crane Capacity

A jib crane or a Gorbel Crane has a very simple design but can lift loads anywhere between 250 pounds to 15 tons which is a huge capacity for such a simply designed crane. The adjustable design helps in the workplace because it increases productivity among the workers, decreases injuries in the workplace, and improves the safety and security of every person and thing in the place it is fitted with. It means that if you purchase it, you will stand to benefit.

The Design Of Jib Cranes

The Gorbel Crane is very simple in its design and make. It is very simple in comparison to workstation cranes and gantry cranes. Using this crane is that they require less space and can reach parts where other cranes cannot. Plus, they are easy to maintain with very little breakdown.

Components Of A Jib Crane

There are a few components in a jib or Gorbel Crane that you first need to understand. These parts include the likes of:

  • Reach / Boom – The horizontal beam on which the trolley travels back and forth.
  • Mast / Pillar – The vertical beam supports the boom on the mast and freestanding systems.
  • Mobile Hoist – This is the most important part. That part moves, lifts, positions, and lowers the load in and out of place.
  • Trolley – The trolley can be operated in many ways, including manually, motorized or pneumatically. This trolley is important because it beds the hoist, wire rope or chain and the hook and moves it along the total length of the boom.
  • Rotation – In the mast-type Gorbel Crane, the boom can rotate a full 360 degrees. And in the wall-mounted jib cranes, the boom rotates 18—200 degrees only.
  • Electrification / Pneumatic Power – You can add the electric controller rings or the pneumatic airlines to the top or the bottom of the mast.
  • Controls – A motorized or air-powered jib crane uses a push-button controller to take control over the rotation of the boom.

The Application Of Gorbel Cranes

The Gorbel Crane has numerous applications. It is used in various industries like manufacturing, aviation, automotive, farming and other industries where heavy loads are required to be lifted. It is very beneficial for lifting heavy loads over a huge distance where carrying heavy loads is almost impossible. In the process, they decrease the strain and stress on the workers, thereby increasing productivity.


Gorbel Cranes are a preferred choice of many industry owners because they have proved to increase the effectiveness in the work area. With increased productivity, the return on investment becomes bigger for the owner. It also helps to keep the environment and the working conditions of the men safer and healthier.


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