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Dynamics 365 combines the best of CRM and ERP in one cloud service with specific, targeted applications for each of the key business processes – Finance, Sales, Customer Service and more. Provides customers with a modern but familiar vision with built-in good practices and know-how common data model and a special platform for applications are used to guarantee continuity, possibility for modifications, flexibility.

Dynamics 365 will help companies to:

They start with what they need as applications by roles, industries, companies – and then grow and grow with the steps they deem appropriate for their company to run their entire cloud business.

Get business applications that combine data, analysis and IoT in processes to guide employees and customers to optimal results.

Be prepared for business growth through adaptive, flexible applications that allow them to create, modify and expand real-time business processes. Users can modify and adapt applications without the need for IT. And organizations can reformat their business models with a flexible and efficient platform.

What options do you have with Dynamics 365?

Enterprise Edition – Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition is designed for environments and large companies (over 250 users) who need rich functionality of ERP and CRM systems and plan to operate worldwide. Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition includes: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, P roject Services, F ield Services, Operations (Retail, Procurement, Financials, SCM, Production, HR, Extensions)

The Sales, Marketing and Service elements will be familiar to most people who have used CRM Online. Project Services and Field Services are relatively new additions to CRM Online. Operations is actually the renamed version of the recently announced Cloud ERP (AX7).


Business Edition – Dynamics 365 Business Edition is aimed at medium and small companies (10-250 users). Dynamics 365 Business Edition will combine Microsoft Dynamics CRM online with a financial package suitable for small and medium-sized companies (formerly Project Madeira). Dynamics 365 Business Edition includes: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Financials.

Some other key elements of Dynamics 365 are:

Power Apps – a new platform that allows you to easily create and use a line of business applications for tablets and mobile devices.

Power BI – the flexible Microsoft business intelligence solution is included in Dynamics 365, allowing you to quickly and correctly interpret all business information to give you ideas and forecasts.

Flow – Combines multiple applications together with ease, collecting data from any Dynamics 365 application to the Office 365 application, such as SharePoint Online and other external applications.

Microsoft and FTS Bulgaria will continue to support existing installations of Microsoft Dynamics products.

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Optimize Power BI reports for review over the phone

I really like to spend my time in Sofia traffic jams by reviewing the Power BI reports for which I am responsible or with which I work operationally. I stop at another red light, open my Power BI app on the phone and start looking for answers to questions such as “What projects have my colleagues in Varna worked on today?” Or “Is there a change in receivables?”.

I like the Power BI app , but as often happens, there will always be something to spoil the complete pleasure. In my case, the annoyance was related to the inconvenience of a 5.5-inch phone to see the full BI report as seen on a 15-inch monitor. That’s why the January update of Power BI from 10/01/2017 really makes me happy with the functionality of the author of the reports to be able to set layouts for different devices on the same report. See the difference. Visit to the Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) for the Microsoft PowerApps development.

How to prepare the right email marketing strategy for holiday marketing campaigns?

Until the end of 2016 with a few weeks left, usually most companies use the pre-holiday days to send Christmas wishes to their customers or to announce great, holiday offers. If you are facing such a campaign, here are some tips:

Clean up your marketing lists . Check your Marketing lists with contacts, partners, customers in the CRM system you work with. Now is the time to take care of any duplicate contacts or update some that are no longer active. This way, you’ll be sure to ensure even better campaign results by providing the most up-to-date and relevant database.

Check automation. How automated are the marketing processes in your company? If you have a marketing automation solution, this can greatly facilitate holiday activities and help you consider and plan activities on time and in detail.

Engage recipients. At this time of year, advertising emails can overwhelm your customers. To stand out from the rest, do not rely on a passive message; include a clear “call to action” in your message. Create enthusiasm by considering and planning fun and engaging campaigns. The holidays are an occasion to include gifts, prizes, and competitions in the mailing campaigns.

Shorter = better. Keep your messages as short, clear and direct as possible. Everyone has many tasks and commitments and very little time to complete them in the pre-holiday period. Don’t turn away your potential customers with too long and detailed emails.

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