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Native advertising is an old concept, but nowadays, the online marketing community is buzzing about content marketing.

Native advertising is also known as sponsored content, advertorials, or infomercials. Newspaper advertorials have been prevalent for quite some time, and here the advertising is dressed up to look like editorial content and then placed in publications.

In the digital age, native advertising has taken the form of Sponsored Stories on Facebook, Sponsored Tweets on Twitter, or sponsored articles on websites.

They are stated as sponsored content so that consumers don’t believe they are the same as traditional editorial content.

Academic writing services help in providing content related to education.

Content marketing is also called as called brand journalism or branded content. An excellent example of native advertising is the “sponsored emails”, which look like editorial emails but are paid ones.

How is native advertising different from content marketing?

Content marketing comes with a value-added strategy, but native advertising is a legitimate form of marketing. Currently, content marketers intend to build long-lasting trust, and the readers must feel satisfied. Native advertising is intended to influence the reader to purchase a particular product or service before gathering any valuable content.

The difference in purpose

In native advertising, the content seems to provide value, but that is not the primary goal of selling a product or a service. The advertorial is mainly focused on buying a particular brand’s product or services. In the context of native advertising, there is not much inherent value unless the reader buys a product or a service.

But in content marketing, the main motive is to build trust over a long span of time. The content must be relevant and valuable. It must generate sales leads, but that is part of a more extended sales strategy. Through content marketing, the readers must feel independent of buying a product or a service.

The dissimilarity in tone

Content marketing helps in generating sales, but that is part of the larger plan. The deals are not solely dependent on content marketing only. Content marketing adds value to the readers.

In native advertising, the tone need not be pushy or salesy. Instead, it can follow a faux friendly fashion to showcase the writing style.

In content marketing, there is an authentic tone, not putting pressure on the readers to buy. It addresses the reader’s challenges and the pain points along with offering proper solutions. The answers might not involve a brand’s product or services. The main motive is to engage the readers well and build rapport.

Their benefits of native advertising are limited but content marketing builds trust with the reader. In content marketing the content is shareable in the form of blogs, emails etc., and the chances of misleading are less too.

The significant differences between native advertising and content marketing have been listed.

Which brings a better return on investment or ROI?

Business leaders often question which is apt for their business content marketing or native advertising, which brings a higher return on investment, and where should the company invest.

It is seen that both benefits the ROI, and the reasons are different. Therefore, one has to weigh the advantages and then make informed decisions about what suits them the best.

Native ads are ideal for new brands, and it creates a heightened awareness. They have a better performance index on social media and search engines. Native ads are the best to stand out from the competition. They are more based on the algorithm for social feeds, and results pages are focused mainly on the organic content from the network.


  • Native ads have the flexibility to be available in different formats. Be it the desktop, mobile or tablet. Those with the right tool can easily prepare an ad display and resize the content across other devices.
  • While Content marketing can help in boosting search engine optimization or SEO, formatting the pages in the right way, doing proper research, and the correct use of keywords will position your content on the top.
  • Content marketing is ideal for generating authentic traffic and conversions. Some brands focus on valuable content making the customers more receptive. Through solid content, the brand appears to be more credible and authoritative.
  • Both content marketing and native advertising have an essential role in bringing about growth in the business. However, the purpose can be different, and the marketing strategy might follow a different route.

The role of advertising and content marketing

The main motive of any advertising is to promote sales. Native advertising is different from the traditional ones like TV commercials, ads, billboards, banners etc.

In content marketing, the competitive pricing of a product or service is determined. They find out the ideal target audience and what they want from a specific product or service. It brings more authority to the brand through quality content.

It can be having an updated blog or an engaging piece of content on social media. Apart from that, it can also be helpful information in videos and webinars.

Product promotion and building relationship

In advertising, just the product is promoted, but content marketing helps develop relationships. Advertising has a significant role to play in the marketing plan. The message should be well placed across the potential customers.

Content marketing brings people to you because you give the consumers what they want. Through content marketing, all the attention is grabbed subtly.

Content marketing is more cost-effective than traditional ads. Due to digitalization, companies are now majorly focusing on content marketing to hook readers of different age groups and other platforms.

Academic writing is different from both content marketing and native advertising. It is more simplified and direct in approach. Students can opt for academic writing services if they are not being able to cope up with pressure. It will help them in getting better grades and improve their learning.


Both native advertising and content marketing cover in-depth topics. It can include ads, email marketing and another form of communication. Both are beneficial to the business but in different ways. Companies must choose wisely which one to opt for to drive better results and attract more customers. Promotion can happen through any chosen channel, the idea is to reach out to the audience well.

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