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Do you know the benefits of swimming in the little ones?

Among the existing sports, we know that swimming is one of the most complete that exist. In general, the promotion of physical activity is of great importance, being especially encouraged from the preschool stage; Of all the options, swimming is one of the usual choices. In addition, water is a daily element in people’s lives, so gaining confidence and learning to swim will make boys and girls safer and enjoy themselves in the pool or in the sea, in the holidays or anywhere where you can bathe.

Various studies confirm that practicing swimming with Lifeguard Class from an early age has multiple benefits, but… did you know that these benefits were so many? So many that it is considered the physical activity that brings the greatest benefits in childhood.

A complete sport due to the large number of muscles involved. It allows you to gain strength by making efforts to move forward.

It maintains a healthy cardiovascular and respiratory system at practically any age. Boys and girls, thanks to swimming, grow up with a stronger heart and lungs, partly thanks to the breathing exercises that are carried out in the water, which favors oxygenation and makes the transfer of blood more efficient.

It regulates cholesterol and prevents obesity and conditions such as high blood pressure or being overweight.

Improves metabolism in boys and girls with diabetes , since swimming reduces the level of glucose in the blood and also increases the efficiency of insulin.

It improves flexibility and favors coordination and agility as it is a very technical and global discipline. At a general level, it improves psychomotor development due to freedom and continuity of movement, learning basic concepts of movement and distance at an early age.

It favors the development of the IQ ; It has been shown that babies who have practiced swimming in the first 3 years of life develop a greater perception of the world around them, obtaining stimulation with very favorable effects on intelligence, and helping them to be more creative and observant. In addition, water stimulates the ability to play, a fact that has a positive impact on future learning.

It helps to relax since the water has relaxing and anti-stress properties that allow boys and girls to release stress or tension that may accumulate, and allow them to sleep better.

Like other sports, it favors socialization , with an addition, because swimming allows you to acquire notions and life-saving skills by learning to float, turn or hold on. In addition, they will feel safer, acquiring greater security and independence.

In a playful and recreational environment they develop as people and with the environment in a natural way together with other children, which will allow them to relate better learning to share. The little ones will have more confidence when communicating and developing in a group, being in contact with instructors and other children .

It helps the correct stimulation of people with neurological problems and cerebral palsy.

All this, among other things, such as helping the immune system (helps the system fight diseases) or helping with certain diseases such as hyperactivity, autism, hypotonia (since swimming helps correct decreased muscle tone) or spasticity (because water exercises help reduce stiffness, in part thanks to the temperature of the water and the movements).

Without a doubt, swimming is one of the best options for the development of the body from an early age; With its multiple benefits, it guarantees a base of health almost for life. In a sport where everything seems to be advantageous, such as the development of motor skills as well as intelligence, socialization or body harmony, the best thing is that anyone who practices this sport, at any stage of their life, will obtain great benefits.


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