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The most-used program for altering your Sony PlayStation can be DS4Windows. It lets you use the entire Sony DualShock 4 controller on your computer. It functions by mimicking the PlayStation controller.

This allows you to utilize it with Windows 10. Many gamers prefer it over other programs due to its numerous advantages. It is important to note that DS4Windows does not belong to Microsoft, Sony, or Xbox copyright-protected software.

Because of Windows 10 upgrades that improve security regularly, the program is susceptible to restrictions. This means that you’ll encounter problems when playing games like DS4Windows, which cannot detect the controller’s errors.

We’ll discuss every possible solution that you could use to solve the issue.

Reasons Why the Error Occurs?

The most important reason behind the DS4windows system is not detecting controller errors is the most recent Windows 10 update.

If you upgrade to the most recent version of Windows 10, you are more likely to experience this issue.

Because you must update, it is essential to find solutions to fix the issue.

Device drivers that are malfunctioning could cause DS4Windows not to recognize controller errors.

Sometimes, the drivers have been modified to support different controllers or are out of date.

The controller can be disabled. This built-in feature can be mistakenly disabled by the controller, and the DS4windows program will immediately stop using the device or scanner.

Thus, the user will experience the identical error. Here are a few solutions that can be used for repairing DS4Windows that aren’t detecting controllers.

Install the DS4 Controller Device Driver.

This is the first option for many customers. To begin the reinstallation process, it is necessary to establish a USB connection to the computer.

Take these steps:

. Open the Control Panel on the search bar or select the Run button by hitting Windows + R together.

. Select the Hardware and Sound tab to view all devices connected to the computer.

. Reconnect the controller immediately as a popup message appears within the Sound option,      and hardware will show the icon for the game controller.

.  Click on the popup, right-click and select Properties.

. Select the Hardware tab.

.  Look for the HID-compliant game controller and then click it with a right-click.

.  A similar section as the Driver Manager or Device Manager opens.

.  Locate the Driver tab and click Uninstall to remove the device.

. Once the driver has been removed then, launch DS4 Windows.

 Connect the controller to your computer and see if it appears on the DS4 Windows choices.

If the controller’s message doesn’t appear, you can connect the driver.

In the Device Manager, click on Scan for changes to the hardware.

If the issue is fixed, reboot your PC. Remove and then enable the DS4 Controller.

It is a driver-setting problem.

Most drivers are disabled because of an internal error or default. If this occurs,

is unable to detect when a controller issue. Try these steps to solve the issue. The easiest way to fix it is to press the Windows + R key to start the Device Manager.

Enter devmgmt.MSC and then press Enter.

Alternately, you can use the search bar of the Taskbar, search for device manager, and then press enter to launch it.

Open the Device Manager with the role of an administrator to ensure you are on the safe side. Find the ‘Human interface device’ option, and extend it with a click. If you can find the game controller that is HID-compliant in the list, that’s okay. If not, you can expand the ‘Sound, Video and game controller’ section Click on it with the right-click and then look for the ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable options.

If you are presented with the option to disable it, leave it. If you are presented with enabling options, click it to turn off the driver. Check if the issue is solved by restarting DS4windows.

Remote Play and Driver Solution Users have reported the installation of Remote Play has worked for their situation. While it can’t assist your computer is scanning the controller, it does work occasionally.

It can be accessed via the computer and can be used to play games on the console. If the driver does not resolve the problem, the best option is to install the driver again, however, with a different type of driver.

Follow these steps:

Go through the Device Manager and locate your LIB32 Wireless Driver. It’s located within the section Controller.

Right-click it to find the button to uninstall. If you cannot locate it, double-click on it, then navigate to the driver and select the option to uninstall.

Reconnect the controller, and verify that Windows can download the driver. Open Remote Play on the Remote Play App and check whether it’s working. If it’s not working, it is recommended to reinstall DS4Windows as the solution.

Go through the Control Panel,

locate the software you want to install, and verify that DS4Windows is listed among the choices. Uninstall it.

Then, restart your PC.

Be sure to erase any leftover files and folders. Reconnect the controller, and it will bring up the swipe to switch profile option. Check this option off and then click for the option to hide DS4′.

It is possible to test whether the setting is functioning.

Try DS4Windows Update during the DS4Windows controller installation and download; DS4 comes with two files. The DS4Updater File and the DS4Windows File.

Once installed, the DS4Windows activates the controller, and the DS4updater downloads any latest updates from the source.

You can choose to re-download DS4 windows as soon as it is updated or take these actions. If you are experiencing an error, it could be a faulty update or an obsolete DS4 controller.

Navigate to your File Explorer and locate where you downloaded and installed the DS4windows.

Then, you will find the updater for DS4. Before it starts, ensure you’re an administrator by right-clicking and selecting the Run as Administrator option.

Allow it to run a scan of the updates.

The essential updates will be downloaded instantly.

After it’s completed, you can shut it down. Then, launch DS4Windows to determine whether the issue has been resolved. If the issue continues, then uninstall the DS4Windows program and restore it.

Ensure that the device is recognized and visible on the tab for controllers. Edit the DS4 Controller Registry.

If you have tried all of the above but have been unsuccessful, you can try this method to resolve the error. This is the final option if you’ve tried other methods and have failed. Remember that manipulating the registry could cause system-related problems.

This is why it is important to have a backup or a restore point that reduces the damage caused when you fix the error.

It is possible to utilize this technique if you follow the steps precisely according to the following. Start by backing up crucial information about the controller.

Connect the controller with the computer

, and then close DS4Windows on your PC. Look for your Control Panel on the search option, then open it. Select the Hardware and Sound option.

Choose Devices and Printers. Right-click on the Wireless controller and choose Properties. Select the Hardware tab, then in the list of options, select “HID-Compliant Game controller’


. An additional window should pop up,

and you can navigate to the Details tab. Examine if you see the property fields or an option. If it is there, choose ‘Hardware IDs.’ In the Hardware dissection, look for the section’s value.

Then, select to copy the initial three choices using the right-click instead of using the CTRL+ C shortcut. Be sure to save the entries so that you are secure if the method is not working.

Now you can use Windows Notepad or others that you are interested in.

It is now time to launch Regedit. Use the Windows + R keys simultaneously to launch the run tool.

Enter ‘Regedit’ then hit the Shift + Enter key to launch it as an administrator. Then, expand your Registry Editor window by going to the following section:

Search for the affected Devices files on the left of the panel.

Open it by double-clicking.

Keep the values you saved in Notepad. It’s now time to apply these files. Simply copy them into this page. Click Apply, followed by OK. Restart your computer. Reload the DS4Windows.

Attach the controller to determine whether the problem has been resolved.


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