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It is 2008 when we first hear about app development. The store appears on Apple devices, a virtual shop wanted by Steve Jobs to download applications. The store available on devices that use Android also comes close. It will take only three years for the use of apps to exceed that of the web.

In practice, users who use mobile devices, already in 2011, clicked more often on the icon of an app than on that of a browser to browse the web. The growth in the development of mobile applications has never stopped, showing dizzying numbers every year. In ten years we have practically gone from a market that did not exist to the projections of recent times: in 2021 the economy that moves around applications expects to become the third in the world with a growth that will touch 400% compared to 2016 The timing of this rapid development is dictated, today as ten years ago, by the two stores that belong to the two most popular operating systems: iOS and Android. To understand the extent of the impact on the sector economy we need to know that in 2017 there were over 2 available,

What will the apps of the future have to be like to be successful?

Recent statistics tell us that today each user has on average 80 applications on their mobile device and that the most present sectors are those that concern chat, weather, news, video streaming, and games. Additionally, more than 2 billion people use a social app at least once a month. In short, in a large market with constant expansion where it could be problematic to extricate yourself to plan and organize the development of ios or android applications in the best possible way. Certainly, the new development frontier concerns the design of “intelligent” and “interconnected” apps: intelligent so that they are able to understand, learn and act independently from habits; interconnected in order to remain open, and communicate with other applications.

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Plan application development to reach your target market

For an app to be successful, first of all, it is essential that it is original and provides usefulness to the user. In its development, not only the contents must be taken into consideration, but also the graphic impact and the usability of the tool in order to be used with ease and guarantee a rapid and functional interaction, making the most of customization opportunities and anticipating the possible user needs.

Custom Mobile Application Development

The customized mobile apps signed by Al Rafay Powerapp Development Company, improve the quality of the corporate business of its customers.

Apps that improve the quality of services

Exploded in 2008 with the Apple store, the focus on applications for mobile devices has convinced the biggest names in the sector, from Google to Microsoft, to create their own digital markets, leaving companies, small and large, the possibility of developing individual apps, effectively opening up new markets.

Why should a company decide to develop an application for its business today? Essentially to improve the user experience of its users. Mobile apps can in fact be customized, offering communication based on the interests and behavior of users.

Custom Mobile Application Development

The experience gained by Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) in the creation of customized solutions for mobile devices allows, taking full advantage of the possibilities of the new tool, the development of applications for all the main smartphone and tablet systems (iOS, Android, Win8), taking care of all the phases, from accreditation to publication on specific stores and markets.

Mobile application development with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Would you like to develop a Mobile Application for your Business?

Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) has a team of experienced developers. The applications developed to date, are associated with an effective marketing action, ranging from customer satisfaction systems to geolocation, from entertainment to augmented reality.



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