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Asus routers provide uninterrupted services that are reliable and easy to handle. So, it has automatically emerged as one of the best router services. However, it also comes with some technical glitches that need fixation by the user for uninterrupted working. A user may need to reset the Asus router account for multiple purposes. But, it is a simple process that you can effectively do on your own. In this article, we have discussed every step for knowing how to reset the Asus router account .

Reasons to reset the Asus router:

  • It may happen that you are repeatedly facing internet connectivity issues. Resetting the Asus router can temporarily solve this issue.
  • If you feel that your wireless network is being shared by more than the required number of members, you should consider resetting the account. Resetting the username and password will reduce the risk of hacking.
  • Resetting can sometimes be required to clear your router’s memory and cache.
  • Sometimes users face the Asus router blinking red In such a case, you might need to perform the Asus router login and change the account settings.
  • If you are giving away or selling your Asus router, you should clear the last personal changes that you made.
  • Sometimes, users cannot perform the Asus router login due to technical issues. In such a case, resetting your Asus router account becomes the most effective task.

The general steps to reset the Asus router account settings are mentioned below. However, it is to be kept in mind that the Asus wifi password and admin password are different. The first one is used to access the internet, while the latter is used to manage the router settings.

  1. Pressing the Reset button on the router

This is the primary step to reset your router. While the router is on, press and hold the reset button with a pin for 15 seconds. The power indicator light or the LED light will begin to flash once the reset is completed. It is to be noted that only the power light will blink during the reset process. The other lights on the router will be back after 1 or 2 minutes of the reset.

  1. Connecting to the Network:

The next step is to connect your device to the Asus router. Once the connection is stable, you will get redirected to the setup page. You can also visit the redirection page by typing on your respective web browser. The router comes with some default credentials. The username is set as ‘admin,’ and the password is set as ‘admin .’ You can use these to log in when prompted. Now press the ‘Go’ button to start the process of setting up.

  1. Creating a new password:

Next, the user is asked to create a new password for the router. You can keep the default password or set a new one according to your preference. The password you create should be strong enough to prevent the chances of hacking. Once you have typed in the new password, click on ‘Next’ to continue.

  1. The setting of the New Wireless:

The next step is to go to the Wireless setting page. Now enter the network name or SSID and the network password carefully. If the change is successful, you will receive a notification saying, ‘You have changed SSID or security setting.’

  1. Connecting the device to the new network:

To check whether the resetting has been effective or not:

  1. Connect your device to the new network settings that you created.
  2. On your device, click on the wireless sign. You will be able to see the new name of the router.
  3. While typing in the password, make sure you type the new password that you have created. If the connection is successful and you get access to the internet from your device, the resetting is complete and doing well.

The process, as mentioned earlier, is proven to be effective and can give you the anticipated outcome. However, if you face any further issues, you can seek help from the technicians or professionals. You can also go to the support page of Asus from their official website and take suggestions from them regarding the issue.

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