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Different Ways to Secure Your Business Assets Tips to Avoid Water Damage at Home

Business applications are becoming one of the most common parts of any business and industry these days. Considering that a huge number of application users are going to use it, keeping it secure is a crucial part of any organization. Organizations want to make sure that the application they are developing or being developed for them is vulnerable free. While this is kind an impossible as cyber-attacks can still occur, employing the application security testing via the most appropriate tools by professionals is possible to not let this happen.

When we talk about application security then the most important part of the security assessment is the tools that will be used to perform security testing. However, choosing the “only best tool” is not a real thing in the real world. Here are the tips to select the best application security tools.

A Single Tool Isn’t Enough for All Applications

This is what it looks like. It is a simple thing to understand. It is common sense to think that every application is designed, developed, and has a different purpose. There are several tools used by professional application security testing services. There is a variety of commercial tools and numerous free options available. Each tool you will come across comes with its unique characteristics and strong points.

Some tools can perform better security testing and find flaws amazingly while others can provide better reporting that others can’t. Some tools are user-friendly, while some come with a wide range of features and are way more powerful. So, what should be done in this regard? It is better to do your research and test out potential application cybersecurity tools in your environment. You will understand which tool is good enough that meet your requirements.

Organizational Level Testing Is Good and Required

With all of the compliance standards in place today, reporting is crucial. A report containing the answers like “If the product is equipped with scan policies” and “what about the results that meet the specific regulations you must adhere to”

Auditors who read these application security testing reports should appreciate it. Or you might come up with more sophisticated vulnerability management and required trend reporting? On the other hand, you should install the sensor on the webserver while the testing is being performed. This would allow for more in-depth testing. Also, minimizing the false positives is crucial. After all, how can you afford a hundred or thousands of diversions for your staff in a large organization?

Finding Vulnerabilities, False Positives, and Saving Times

More often than ever, several application security testing tools will scan for any vulnerability blindly and log their finding without checking their own performance. If there is a finding that you believe is out of line or almost false positive then it would be advantageous for the users if the scanner flagged the finding potential or needs confirmation.

A scanner, for example, might detect the presence of a suspected Oracle issue and a verified SQL Server flaw on the same system and notify you of the fact, maybe with supporting evidence, so you don’t have to figure it out yourself. It appears simple enough just to workaround, but it isn’t always the case, especially in bigger setups and for application security provider specialists who may not have an idea about the exact configurations of the systems being tested at first.

Why It Is Important?

Having the tips regarding the application security tools, you might be wondering if it all matters? Well, yes, it does matter to employ the application security testing before launching it. Here is what you need to know.

Building Trust

If your organization works with the customer’s data then it would be extremely dangerous to not employ application security. You are about to risk your customer’s data in danger and a single data breach can put your company’s reputation in danger. Performing application security tests on your web applications will help you address any security vulnerabilities your application may have. This will help avoid data breaches and damage your business’s reputation and image.

Evade Financial Damages

You may have heard about a security breach or data breach in other businesses but what you may not know is that they can cost any business huge in terms of reputation and finances. Recovering from such financial damages can even get costlier if you discover it late. Delaying every moment will result in an increased cost of recovery from damage. Security flaws and interruptions in business activities and application continuity can have a devastating impact on any business.

If the security flaw in the application is exposed after the launch, then it will generate negative press, the customer loyalties will be reduced, and it may cause some serious yet unwarranted fines and penalties. Regular application security testing can help your business to avoid these financial setbacks entirely by actively analysing and finding the security threat and addressing it.

Meet Compliance and Regulations

Businesses working online need to meet particular compliance and regulations to provide their service effectively and securely. The restrictions will even be heavier when you are working in a public sector with lots of sensitive information such as public health and education. Certain compliances should be met by any organization regarding security.

Not fulfilling them or failing to provide evidence about proper security can result in heavy penalties. This can be avoided by employing regular application security services and eliminating any security threats in the application. You will have a better idea about the current security status so you can better guide your application security.

Bottom Line

Application testing tools come in varying nature and types so relying on a few tools isn’t enough. Make sure you are testing every available tool to find out any security issues, how time-saving they are, the user interface, and most importantly how effective they are in providing the threat information. You can consult experts like Vumetric as well that can guide you about the application security testing types, methods, and other cybersecurity solutions effortlessly.

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